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Is your toilet overflowing? Perhaps you have a burst pipe and water is everywhere? Are you panicking and wondering which plumber to call?

The best option is to call Kavs Bathrooms and Plumbing Specialists, a highly experienced emergency plumber in Solihull. Our reliable emergency plumbers will arrive within the hour and solve the problem, whether it is a leaking toilet or burst pipe.

Emergencies don’t come with warnings, and can be a shock any property owner. With years of experience and an emphasis on providing excellent customer service, our plumbers will work calmly to find a permanent plumbing solution in a timely manner.

Available for any Plumbing Emergency


Our emergency plumbers regularly resolve issues with bathroom plumbing, leaks, burst water pipes, drain blockages and frozen water pipes. Our extensive experience means that we really have seen it all, so you can rest assured that we can take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Prompt Service


The secret to our success as an emergency plumber in Solihull is our reliability, promptness and industry leading customer service. We will not leave you waiting around in the event of an emergency. Would you like to wait around when you need an ambulance? Well, in the same manner, you won’t want to wait around for a plumbing specialist when you have a plumbing emergency. Call us and we will be prompt in our response.

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Go with a highly trusted emergency plumber in Solihull and Birmingham that will help you every step of the way and make sure your plumbing problem is fixed. Call our friendly team today on 07599 085670 and we will endeavour to be with you as soon as possible. Feel free to browse our services.

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